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Freshly Picked Food

Organic vegan & juicing class

Healthy, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free, No preservatives, no GMO, Plant based cuisine

Chef Baba is one of the few certified raw vegan chefs in the country!

Take control of your life from the inside out. 

Learn how to cook nutrient rich,  delicious, plant based foods That you and your family will love to eat!

Americans are over a fed, but under nourished, the American western fast food processed diet is slowly killing us and our children we need to Vote out GMO foods in this country. 

No preservatives, no artificial coloring, no refined sugar, no dairy, no white flower, No GMO. 

Raw nut milks, Delicious Ry juices and smoothies, Buffalo cauliflower, Vegan mac & cheese, zucchini Pasta and stuffed zucchini boats, lentil Bolognese pasta, vegan Alfredo, pumpkin gnocchi, risotto, falafel, Vegan Ramen, Air fryer portobello, mushroom burgers, lasagna, roll ups, roasted eggplant, meatballs, The best tacos, homemade pesto, gazpacho soup, Turmeric and curry broth, and much more!

Indulge in desserts like: Avocado chocolate mousse, vegan cookies and brownies, raspberry vegan cheesecake, pumpkin pie, parfait, apple crisp, Pumpkin cake, chocolate chip, banana Zucchini bread, Coconut macaroons, you get the point.

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$199 to join our weekly live, virtual classes



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