Perhaps you will learn how to make a savory appetizer like grilled Shrimp wrapped in delicate Prosciutto or Bruscetta. Maybe you’ll move on to a Primo Platti of Clams and Mussels, homemade Tri-Color Ricotta Gnocchi, Ossobucco of Veal, and a wonderful pesce like Whole Yellowtail Snapper en Papillotte. Perhaps you will top it all off with a mouth-watering, homemade apple tart or fresh berry sabayon. Whatever the special menu for your class, your hands-on training will make you feel you’ve spent time with Nonna, too!

Andrew is an award-winning chef with dual honor degrees from the Culinary Institute of America and Florida International University's School of Hospitality and Management.  Soon after graduation he apprenticed at the best hotels and restaurants in Europe and in South Florida.  He recently earned certification as a raw food chef from the Living Cuisine Academy.

His innate ambition for entrepreneurship resulted in two very successful restaurants, Bennardo’s Ristorante in Delray Beach and Talia’s Tuscan Table in Boca Raton.

The raw garden is the creation of Andrew’s uncle Frank. Already a successful attorney, his uncle decided to do something about the sad state of America’s health and terrible food choices offered by big food and sanctioned by the FDA. So we now have Juiceateria and The Raw Garden: siamese siblings under one roof.   In need of an impassioned and able chef, uncle Frank turned to Andrew to run the raw garden.   Gladly accepting the assignment, Andrew replied: "I know that many of the health issues afflicting Americans today are due to our poisonous diet.  My mission at the raw garden is to spread the love and to educate people of the great health benefits of a raw vegan diet."

our mission

It's Always About You!

Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--making the most of your culinary talent and helping you achieve your goals.

The Highest Integrity!

We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put us to the test, and you'll see.

"I was blown away by the dedication and commitment shown by everyone I came into contact with. They took the time to create and help me achieve my goals faster than I thought possible!"

- Chef Andrew Bennardo

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